Friday, 25 September 2020
Removing all types of antennas, broadcast, short wave, TV, radio, & more.
Broadcast Towers
Broadcast Towers are TV station towers and can be some of the tallest towers in the USA.,
Cell Towers
Cell towers are usually no taler than 240 feet in Texas. Mountainous states can be much taller.
Communication Building
Fence or Fencing
Removing the fence around the Tower or the fencing around trhe entire property.
Guyed Towers
Guyed towers are the most common type as of today ... buy soon they will be overtaken by Self Supporting towers or Free Standing Towers.
Monopole Towers
Radio Towers
Rohn Towers
Self Supporting Towers
Transmission Line Towers

When you call Virginia Tower Removal  ... YOU SPEAK TO OUR STAFF.

When you hire Virginia Tower Removal ... WE DO THE WORK.

Virginia Tower Removal is one of the few companies in the United States that offers this service.
Fast, Efficient & Safe Service!

Whether your tower is up against a building or house, in water or swamps, on a mountain, surrounded by trees, other buildings and or other objects, or in a wide open field Virginia Tower Removal can take your tower down safely.

Virginia Tower Removal takes down, demolishes and disposes of Cell Towers, Cellular Towers, Radio Towers, and 25 Gauge Rohn Towers, 45 Gauge Rohn Towers, 65 Gauge Rohn Towers, 80 Gauge Rohn Towers, 90 Gauge Rohn Towers, and Monopole Towers.

Also towers that have diameter measurement of 9 inch triangle towers, 12 inch triangle towers, 18 inch triangle towers, 24 inch triangle towers, 30 inch triangle towers, 36 inch triangle towers, and 48 inch triangle towers and larger.

Maybe your antenna, tower and or satellite needs to be removed because they are unsightly.

HOA's, as well as Amarillo City Code Compliance laws, generally have policies
against old weak and or unsightly towers, antennas or satellites.

OR Maybe the FCC is pressuring you to maintain it and it just cost
too much. Satellites are old outdated and no longer needed.

Virginia Tower Removal can get you back in compliance quickly and efficiently.

Don't Procrastinate... Call Virginia Tower Removal ... before it's too late.

 Any towers, made by any manufacturer, Virginia Tower Removal can take it down..

Towers are dangerous and need an expert to take them down.

Virginia Tower Removal Services include our full Demo Services for: Antenna Removal, Cell Tower Removal, Guyed Tower Removal, Monopole Tower Removal, Radio Tower Removal, Rohn Tower Removal, Satellite Removal, Self Supporting Tower Removal, Triangle Tower Removal and more.

Virginia Tower Removal also provides services for existing towers that you want to keep up and maintain with our Virginia Tower Mowing Services and Virginia Tower Maintenance Services.

Virginia Tower Removal has used items For Sale: Used Cell Towers, Used Guyed Towers, Used Guyed Wires, Used Monopole Towers, Used Radio Towers, Used Rohn Towers and Used Satellites.

Virginia Tower Removal and or Virginia Tower Demolition services all of Virginia.

For all of your Tower Removal needs
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