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  • Guyed Wire Towers, Self Supporting Towers, Monopole Towers, Transmission Line Towers, Rohn Towers, Satellites, Antennas
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    1st Tower Demo Website on the Internet. Online since October 10, 2012. Doing It longer. Doing It Better. For Consumers, Businesses, Tower Co.
  • Take your tower down while you still can control the situation.
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Chevron USA Tower we removed in East Texas near an airport
  • This tower was no longer being used. It needed over $30,000 of saftey light updates.
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Texas Tower removal removed this Texas Panhandle 440 foot tall Ranch Tower.
  • When roofers want it done safe and quick they call ...
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    A Tower Texas Tower Removal took down so this Texas high school's roof could be redone.
  • Self supporting towers have gotten more common than guyed towers.
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Removing Guyed Wire Towers, Self Supporting Towers, Monopole Towers, Transmission Line Towers, Rohn Towers, Satellites, Antennas and more...
  • The wind was about to blow over this 50 year old tower onto a house.
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Client call Texas Tower Removal before it fell. 600 Foot NCTV tower in Northeast Mexico.
  • Surrounded by "Live" electric wires ...
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Texas Tower Removal was the only company willing to take down this Richland Hills Fire Dept tower ...
  • When safety is important ... the discerning Client chooses ...
    Texas Tower Removal 888.900.5933
    Chevron wanted their tower taken down safely. They chose Texas Tower Removal.
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Removing all types of antennas, broadcast, short wave, TV, radio, & more.
Broadcast Towers
Broadcast Towers are TV station towers and can be some of the tallest towers in the USA.,
Cell Towers
Cell towers are usually no taler than 240 feet in Texas. Mountainous states can be much taller.
Communication Building
We remove Communication Buildings
Fence or Fencing
Removing the fence around the Tower or the fencing around trhe entire property.
Guyed Towers
Guyed towers are the most common type as of today ... buy soon they will be overtaken by Self Supporting towers or Free Standing Towers.
Monopole Towers
Radio Towers
Rohn Towers
Self Supporting Towers
Transmission Line Towers

About Texas Tower Removal

Texas Tower Removal is the 1st Tower Demo Website on the Internet. We've been online since October10, 2012. Doing It longer. Doing It Better. We have been doing Tower removals since 2005.

Almost all tower companies only do installations.  Taking a tower down is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  It's actually safer to construct / install new tower than take an old one down.

Texas Tower Removal has worked for some of the largest corporations in the world, Chevron for example, and for simple consumers that are stuck with old satellites or tower that have been left on their property un-managed. In other words the tower company abandoned it and now the FCC expects the land owner to maintain the lights and the property on the tower to FCC specifications.

Just replacing lights on a 400 ft tower can be $25,000 and up.  For what? A tower that there's no use for it and no revenue.

A rancher in South Texas had an abandoned tower on his property.  Someone walked beneath on of the guyed wires, somehow he hit it or made it vibrate and the tower came down on to of him.  His family sued the rancher.  Te tower company was out of business and long gone.

The rancher thought it didn't hurt anything having the tower there.

Old towers either need to come down or they need to be leased to some communication companies, which Texas Tower Removal's Tower management services can help you with that.

Texas Tower Removal crews do full demolition services of everything on a tower location but also demo's and or removes houses, storage buildings, mobile homes, RVs, travel trailers, campers, scrap metal, debris piles, windmills, decks, garages, signs, billboards, scoreboards, oil pump jacks, crude oil storage tanks, water towers, and everything else that could be needed to removed to clean up property.

For all of your Tower Removal needs
Call Texas Tower Removal First, Last, Always!

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